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新系列的 BioLoop 表面活性劑旨在為配方設計師提供廣泛的選擇,這些選擇基於從疏水性到更親水性類型的產品選擇。

這些產品可用於許多應用,並與標準合成非離子化合物(例如常用的乙醇乙氧基化物)抗衡。如果您想探索一種全新的化學,那麼 BioLoop 表面活性劑是一個令人興奮的新產品系列。

BioLoop molecule 56L
BioLoop molecule 68L
BioLoop molecule 84L

PG (Pure Grade) v Normal Grade

The normal grade of BioLoop surfactants are aimed at standard industrial-based processes in which clarity in an aqueous medium isn’t a necessity. The PG versions which denotes our purified grades are for industries in which clarity in aqueous mediums is essential.

Typical Applications

Normal Grades

Oils and Lubricants

Emulsion Polymers

Agrochemical additives

Textiles auxiliaries

Hand and floor wipes

PG Versions

Personal Care


Household products

Radiocarbon (C14) dating

Result: 99.36% Bio-based carbon

Radiocarbon data

Mildness Studies

The ET 50 test method

The in vitro test was successfully adapted from the widely used ET50 method using human reconstructed skin models.
Formulations are applied to the skin model surface for defined time points, followed by determination of any damage to the skin cells, using an indicator of intracellular metabolism. Test results are expressed as the ET50 value - the time taken for viability to drop to 50% of the untreated control.

The results indicate that the BioLoops, in this instance BioLoop 84L, gave a result to show extreme mildness.

Degree of mildness

SLS Result
CAPB Result
SLES Result
BioLoop 84L Result

Foaming Profile

Test method
A 0.1% solution is prepared and aerated for 30 seconds and then stopped. The degree of foaming is assessed after 60 seconds: A foaming classification was then defined using comparative foaming date generated across the whole of our product range.

BioLoop 56L foam result

BioLoop 56L type:

Classed as
extreme low foam

BioLoop 68L foam result

BioLoop 68L type:

Classed as
medium foam

BioLoop 84Lfoam result

BioLoop 84L type:

Classed as
medium foam

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