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Lankem 提供的金屬清潔組件可以提供用於廣泛應用的系統配方所需的所有關鍵特性。這些產品基於磷酸酯和脂肪醇乙氧基化物/烷氧基化物。

  • BioLoop 56L, BioLoop 68L, BioLoop 84L, BioLoop RPS56L, BioLoop RPS68L and BioLoop RPS84L are biobased surfactants that can be used as lubricating additives in the formulation of synthetic metalworking fluids where they offer lubricity and dispersion characteristics in combination with low foaming properties. The BioLoop products can also be used in the formulation of biobased metal cleaning formulations.


  • Lanphos PE35 and Lanphos PE36 phosphate esters provide corrosion protection for ferrous metals and aluminium for soluble oil and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.


  • Lansurf AE107 and Lansurf AE37 are highly effective nonionic emulsifiers using the formulation of soluble oils and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. It is particularly suited to the emulsification of mineral oils and ester-based lubricants.

  • Lansurf AEP63 and Lansurf AEP66 are used in systems where good wetting and detergency is required along with the need to have low foam characteristics.

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